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There’s nothing quite like drinking the best cup of joe to start your morning. It can make you more energized and ready to face the day ahead. That’s why most people make it a point that before they leave the house, they’ve already drank their morning coffee. That’s the reason why you see a lot of coffee makers being sold in appliance stores. And if you do a quick check on Amazon, you’ll see that there’s a multitude of different coffee makers made by different brands. So if you are a consumer that doesn’t have any idea which brand of coffee maker should you go for, it can be a pain to shop for one. So we’re here to help. This article will talk about the best coffee maker brand.

Which Brand Should You Go For?

Let’s get right down to business. In our humble opinion, the best coffee maker brand on the market today is Krups. Why? Simply because it manufacturers some of the best coffee makers today. Coffee makers vary among drip, single-serve, and specialty models with features and conveniences to brew your daily fix. Krups makes these types and they make it really well.


Krups is a German kitchen appliance manufacturer that is part of the Groupe SEB. It is named after its founder, Robert Krups. You are familiar with the term German Ingenuity right? Well, Krups is no exemption. Robert Krups originally produced high-precision scales. They were so reliable they made him a household name. He once said “My most profound wish is to achieve the highest level of technical perfection with my products”. His wish has been granted, to the delight of millions of customers around the world. This tradition eventually carried on to the manufacturing of coffee machines.


If you take a look at the best selling coffee machine on Amazon, you will clearly see Krups at the top and that’s for good reason. Krups makes the most reliable coffee makers, grinders and other coffee related machines. One such coffee maker is the KRUPS Savoy ET351 12-Cup Coffeemaker. This coffee maker is one of the best coffee makers on the market today.  The Turbo Savoy 12-Cup Coffeemaker is a 12-cup programmable coffee maker that has an easy-to-read LCD screen.  It has a pause and serve feature that will allow you to serve coffee anytime because you can remove the carafe anytime you want. Speaking of carafe, its carafe can keep the coffee warm for up to four hours. That’s an impressive amount of time. You can also set the Turbo Savoy automatically during the morning using its programmable digital clock. Aside from that, you can adjust the brew strength so you can get a fuller taste from your cup of joe. Lastly, the KRUPS Savoy ET351 12-Cup Coffeemaker has a cleaning function that you can use with just a touch of a button. By simply pressing the button, you can facilitate the descaling process.

Another proof that Krups makes the best coffee makers is the Krups EC3140 Programmable 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker. Just like the Savoy ET351, the Krups EC3140 is also a 12-cup programmable coffee maker that has an easy-to-read LCD screen. And just like the ET351, you can pause and serve coffee anytime you want too. It uses a glass carafe and gold-tone filter too.

Last but certainly not the least (although Krups does offer more coffee makers that are just as excellent), they’ve got the Krups KM785D50 Automatic Grind and Brew Coffee Maker with Integrated Burr Grinder.

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This drip coffee maker, as the name suggests, comes with an integrated grinder so you can always prepare freshly ground coffee every morning. It is also programmable and has a 10-cup capacity. You can choose from 2 to 10 cups. It also has a 5-setting conical burr grinder that will let you choose from coarse to fine. It has a brew strength selector that lets you choose between mild, medium and strong. Plus, it can be set to start automatically every morning or whichever time you choose. It can even keep your coffee for a decent amount of time, two hours to be exact.

These three coffee makers are just some of Krups’ best coffee makers. They also have a lot more to offer. Now let’s take a look at what users have to say about their coffee makers.

User Testimonials

Here are some of the reactions of users who have bought a Krups coffee maker.

” Believe it or not; this coffee brewing unit made my fantastic tasting coffee into Gourmet tasting. I discovered that there is a major difference in flavor using the factory supplied Brass filter as the natural brown color paper filters. I was contemplating a return until trying my normal used paper filters. Wow-What a difference!” – T. Smythe on using the KRUPS Turbo Savoy EC411050 12-Cup Coffeemaker

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” I always buy Krups when I need a coffeepot and got this one for our RV. This is the best pot I’ve ever had – faster and better than my earlier model Krups. Really fast, really hot and stays hot in the thermal pot instead of continuing to “cook” The extra bucks for the thermal is well worth it – priceless in fact, given that by the time you replace a glass carafe you may as well buy a new pot. – Michigan Girl on using a KRUPS ET351 SAVOY

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” Buying a coffee maker on Amazon is hard. There are so many choices and each one out there has glowing reviews followed by scathing ones. I searched for weeks before finally deciding on the Krups EC140. What sold me on this one? It was the front facing water level window, the included reusable filter, and most of all the dual auto brew setting ability. The programmable keep warm function for both heat and time was a bonus.” – E on using the KRUPS EC314050

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Krups is a trusted brand when it comes to electronic home appliances. This trust also extends to coffee makers. The reason why they stand out is because their coffee makers are very reliable, durable (provided you handle it with care) and inexpensive. In our book, that’s what makes a coffee maker great. So if you are in the market for one, don’t hesitate to get a Krups coffee maker.

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