Best Light Roast Coffee Kicking Horse Hola

Light Roast Coffee
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Best Light Roast Coffee Kicking Horse Hola

Why is light roast coffee more preferred by coffee lovers? The explanation for that is when coffee is roasted, the beans lose roughly 90% of their water content. So, if you measure your coffee by scoops, light roasted coffee will have more caffeine since the beans are denser than a darker roast. But if you weigh out your scoops, darker roasts will have more caffeine, because there is less mass. As you can see, weigh roasts seems very impractical since you will need some sort of weighing scale. Now, which light roast coffee is the best? This question is very subjective. We all have different taste and some are the same as others. In our research though, more people tend to prefer the Hola Light Roast Kicking Horse. Let’s find out why.

Light Roast Coffee Kicking Horse Hola

The Hola light roast kicking horse coffee

1. Main Characteristics:

This light roast coffee is guaranteed to deliver a delicious hello and scare the heck out of the most menacing of mornings. The Hola is a blend that knows how to dish up a warm welcome. It’s a hot, tropical storm and sailing off the sea. It’s even a high five, a hug, a good swift kick to the convention and all at once. Simply put, it’s incredible and it’s consistently making its way across North America.

The Hola is a light roast and that means extra loads of amazing. And by amazing, what we really mean is aromas of brown sugar, rich nougat and cocoa powder. Then there’s the taste of the Kicking Horse Hola which is characterized as a juicy red-currant acidity paired with a creamy, honey body.

To give you a background of Kicking Horse. It comes from a Rocky Mountain explorer while crossing a river, it was kicked in the head by a horse. His companions thought he was dead, but legend has it that a powerful cup of coffee brought him back to life. That’s the spirit of this coffee blend. It’s here to wake-up the dead and meet the sun with a salute. Now, do you get the picture why it’s called Hola?

2. What Makes It Special?

As soon as you open the bag of Kicking Horse Hola, “Wake Up & Kick Ass” will greet you on the inside of the box. If that isn’t a loud enough greeting, we then read the name of the coffee “Hola” and it sure did give us a great smile. The bag is durable and  ergonomically. It has clear brewing instructions and also explains the coffee’s farming and roasting practices. We’ve never had this much fun opening a box of coffee. The information was copious and the good intentions of Kicking Horse were clearly made in this bag.

Since Kicking Horse believes in fairness, they want what’s best for everyone. You can see on the side of the bag that they “are only interested in using coffee that is good and fair” for both coffee drinkers and farmers. They want their coffee to taste great, but they also want to incorporate the stories of everyone involved in their coffee’s seed to cup process.

We also believe that drinking organic coffee is important. When we say organic, that means that harmful pesticides and insecticides are not used. This is noteworthy because it protects the consumer and it means that farmers incorporate natural ways of keeping coffee healthy. What’s more, these natural farming practices used in organic coffee are sustainable. Not only is it profitable, but it also doesn’t destroy our environment. The soil is enriched instead of being pillaged.

Natural plant matter that could be thrown aside is used to preserve and sustain the ecosystem. That reason we are so impressed with Kicking Horse, because they believe that “organic means not compromising”. They say that organic coffee means “smart farming, planning for tomorrow, and not sacrificing the future.”​ There couldn’t be any true of the statement than that. Not only do you get good coffee, but also the world gets to grow as well.

As mentioned above, the Hola produces brown sugar and rich nougat and cocoa powder aromas that you will surely love. At first sip, you will clearly taste the juicy red currant acidity paired with a creamy honey body. You can either brew it using a French-press (coarse grind coffee), a drip machine (medium grind coffee), pour over (medium fine grind), espresso (fine grind coffee) and even cold brew coffee. It’s a very versatile coffee as you can see.

Light Roast Coffee Kicking Horse Hola

Kicking Horse Coffee How to Brew

3. Summary:

If you are a coffee lover that is adventurous at heart, then you will surely enjoy the complex flavor profiles and interesting pairing options that the Kicking Horse offers. They are a company that also engages with you. The aroma and flavor of this light roast coffee are something you will remember and crave for in years to come. In fact, we are now making the switch to the Hola for our light roast needs. It’s that good.

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