When is the best time to drink coffee?

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Drinking coffee wrong time is not good for health. Find out how to drink coffee the best.

Before 09:30 am
A lot of you have a habit of drinking coffee early in the morning to wake up, sometimes even drinking coffee without breakfast. Meanwhile, the morning time after waking up, the body’s organs are still not working properly, stress hormone cortisol is still rising. Therefore, if you consume a cup of coffee at this time, you will be able to push your body’s stress level higher. The body is always in a state of nervousness, anxiety, so it will be harder to focus on everything.

From 09:30 am To 11:30 am: COFFEE TIME
If you’re fans of coffee, you can enjoy a cup of coffee right now. According to experts from 10:00 am – 11:30 am is a time when stress hormone is reduced so it is safe for your drinking a cup of coffee. Especially, at this time many of you often start to get tired and sleepy after working. So enjoying a cup of coffee will help you stay awake more accurately.

From 12:00 am To 13:00 am
At this time, the body’s cortisol levels are high, so you should not drink coffee. In particular, this is usually the time to enjoy lunch so do not drink coffee at the same time or immediately after a meal. Because coffee can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb iron in food and can lead to anemia.

From 13:30 pm To 17:00 pm:  COFFEE TIME
After 13:00 pm, the body’s cortisol levels begins to decrease. Therefore, if you feel sleepy, your mind is drowsy, you can drink a cup of coffee at this time. A cup of coffee can help you stay alert, concentrate and complete your work more effectively. However, if you are not used to drinking coffee, you should only drink it before 15:00 pm and do not drink too late which may affect the night’s sleep.

After 17:00 pm
You should not drink coffee at this time because drinking coffee after 17:00 pm can greatly affect the quality of sleep. Caffeine in coffee will make your body hangover, restless and sleepless. Consequently, it is easy to predict that the next day you are very tired, unable to accomplish anything good. So, don’t trade for a cup of coffee with your precious day. After 17:00 pm it is best not to drink coffee.

Do not forget that coffee and an empty stomach are not perfect combinations. Whether it’s about 10:00 am or 17:00 pm, if you feel hungry, have something light before drinking coffee and regaining your productivity.


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