Why You Should Get A Coffee Grinder ?

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As every coffee lover knows, freshly ground coffee, regardless of what kind, has the best taste and the most flavors. There is something special about the fragrant of freshly ground coffee that at least make me happy as it fills the kitchen in the morning. Grounding coffee makes my kitchen smell like a proper coffee shop, but it is not just the smell the coffee has more flavor and aroma as well. If you don’t already own a coffee grinder, what are you waiting for ?

Why You Should Get A Coffee Grinder ?

Why freshly ground coffee is better ?

The best tasting cup of coffee is always made from freshly ground coffee beans, whether it’s a shot of espresso or a cup of java. The reason is that ground coffee oxidizes and becomes stale. This process starts after just a couple of minutes when the beans are crushed. When coffee oxidizes it loses some aromas and you don’t get the full flavor. Most baristas will agree that the sooner you brew the coffee after it is ground in the grinder, the better the coffee will be.

Find your perfect grind!

When you buy ground coffee the oxidizing process has already started even if it is vacuum packed. The vacuum stops the process to some degree, but the coffee still have been exposed before it could be packaged and sealed. If you are serious about your coffee the best solution is to buy roasted coffee beans and grind them yourself.

 Whole roasted coffee beans does also oxidize, but at a very slow rate. When buying roasted coffee beans you should have this in mind and only buy so you have enough for a couple of weeks at the time.

Different types of coffee grinders

There are different types of coffee grinders and you can get them in all price ranges. However, a simple and cheap coffee grinder will still improve your coffee experience. If you think grinding your own coffee is too much hassle, there are coffeemakers that will grind and brew your whole coffee beans with a push of a button.

The two main types of coffee grinders are blade and burr grinders. Coffee grinders fitted with blades are often less expensive than burr grinders. The blade grinders, as the name implies, have cutting blades much like a blender. The fan shaped blades cut and crush the beans to anything from a coarse ground to a fine ground. This method usually heats the coffee up during the grinding process and is therefore not the best grinders on the market. However, blade grinders are more than sufficient if you make drip coffee or French press coffee

If you want to make espresso or espresso based drinks, using a blade grinder is not optimal. A burr grinder is definitely the best option for making espresso. The burr grinder doesn’t cut the beans up like the blade grinder, but crush them instead. The benefits with a burr grinder are that the coffee doesn’t get heated and are crushed in a consistent manner. The result is a more uniform grind which will enhance the taste a bit more The burr grinder can either be electric or hand-cranked. Of course, the electric burr grinder will do the job a lot faster, but they both do an equally good job. However, there is something special by grinding your beans by hand

Many already enjoy grinding their own beans and experimenting with different coarseness of the ground to get out the best flavor and aromas, so what are you waiting for? An okay grinder doesn’t have to cost more than $20. It doesn’t matter if you have a blade or burr grinder, you are still going to enjoy a better cup of coffee

If you don’t know what to look for when buying a coffee grinder, why don’t you have a look at my reviews of different coffee grinders.

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